We Are The 48%

Here’s a picture of my crew in the days when we were happy and free to work in Europe without having to apply for work visas or provide pages of paperwork at every check point.  It was taken in the days when we were affordable.  It was taken the day before yesterday.

Today we’re in Padua, Italy, for the last show of our tour.  In the last six weeks I’ve been to 22 countries – 22 fantastic European countries where I’ve worked alongside some great international crews and not once have I been made to feel unwelcome, and not once have I been made to feel I’m nicking someone else’s job.  The EU, for all its faults, has given me the chance to develop my career in Europe and I’ve always been grateful for that.  And until yesterday that chance to travel freely within the continent and work wherever I like was also there for your kids and grandchildren.

But that’s not what 52% of us want, right?  52% of us want to cut off that chance for our kids to fulfil their dreams.  Because that’s how we ‘take back control’.  How’s that going for you by the way?  Sterling at the lowest value for 30 years, the UK going into a negative credit rating, the prospect of a long recession ahead (which your kids will have to pay for), far right politicians lining up to take over…and all on day one!  Must feel great to have that much control.

Meanwhile, I’m off to enjoy my last day with my crew.  These days are likely to become just a memory soon as British equipment providers and freelancers become too expensive to hire in Europe.  Still, if that’s what 52% of you want…

We are the 48%.  We are the champions my friend.  And we’ll keep on fighting to the end.


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